Montag, 5. April 2010

Vlog - Getting ready for BSSS in London


Happy monday everybody!! We will be leaving for London this friday. It is an 2 hours flight for us. But all our show supply is already on it's way with a truck. I did a short video about us getting everything ready.
Important: If you ever thought of me as an respectable and professional person, then please don't watch this video...LOL I tend to make fun of myself :)

I hope to be able to do a vlog about our stay at the show and maybe some of you will be in it :) So stay tuned!
Have fun watching :)

Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Montag!! Wir werden diesen Freitag nach London aufbrechen (es ist ein 2 Stunden Flug). Unser ganzes Equipment für die Messe ist allerdings schon mit einem Lastwagen unterwegs. Ich habe ein kurzes Video gedreht, wie wir es fertig gemacht haben.
Wichtig: Wenn ihr mich jemals für eine seriöse und professionelle Person gehalten habt, dann schaut euch dieses Video bitte nicht an...haha Ich neige dazu mich über mich selbst lustig zu machen :)
Ich plane einen Vlog über die Messe selbst zu machen, und hoffe einige meiner Blogger Freunde einfangen zu können :)
Habt Spaß beim Zusehen!

18 Kommentare:

  1. LOL....great work!!!
    Wow... so much stuff.. so much to handle and to ship off!
    I understand you are a bit anxious to see if it arrives safely!
    Good luck on the convention! I hope for a big sale and for a great time for you all!!


  2. Oh hon, what a job it is to get things ready, but sure looks like you have it well organized. Wishing you all the best of luck and have a wonderful time dear.
    PS have you gotten my emails?

  3. Liebe Katharina!
    Eure Fröhlichkeit ist so ansteckend! Bestimmt wird alles gut gehen in London! Ich wünsche viel Erfolg und eine erlebnisreiche Zeit!
    Liebe Grüsse

  4. I wish I could be at Ally Pally in London to see you your so funny & sweet

    Love Dawn xx

  5. Hi Sweetie,

    You are so funny! I am so excited for you. This is going to be a real adventure and I only wish I could be able to come and meet you. It is on my bucket list so hopefully one day!
    Hugs Jeanetter

  6. Gosh! that's a lot of stamps! Hope everything arrives safely in London!! see you next week!! hugs, Jane xxx

  7. Lol yu made me laugh Katharina. Nice to see the man doing all the work lol. It was lovely to be able to put a voice to your face. Your English is great you will be fine in London, just wear comfortable shoes. Wishing WOJ every success at the show (although you won't need as the stamps are fab)Hugs Ali x

  8. Good luck at the show!. I'm really disappointed I can't get there this time. Hoping WOJ will make it to the September show, which I can get to!! I'm sure you will have great success at the show and I look forward to following your reports on the blog.

  9. Good Luck at the show. It is really lovely watching the Vlogs and getting to know you

    I wish I could make ut, but a friend of mine is going and will have a little list from me *winks*

    I hope you have a safe trip and a fantastic time


  10. What alot of work. Hope you have a fantastic time at the show. Wish I could be there.

  11. Hallo Katharina, ich habe eben so gelacht. Danke für dieses tolle Video. Ihr zwei seid so fröhliche und liebe Leute. Freue mich schon dich auf der Stempelmesse-Süd kennenzulernen.
    LG Andrea

  12. Oh how I wish I could be there!!!
    Your video was fun to watch,you have a very patient hubby!!
    Have fun at the convention! Oh and Henry looks cool with his London hat,lol!

  13. Hi Katharina, that was so much fun - I was chuckling away to myself watching your video. Good luck for the show - wish I was able to come *boohoo*. Hugs, Denise x

  14. What a cute video! I enjoyed it very much, and I hope that your sore throat is feeling better!
    Save your voice this week because you are going to need it next weekend!

    Have fun and Good Luck!

  15. lol you are so funny, and what a fabulous husband you have, Wow lots of boxes of goodies to arrive in London for the show... hope your throat improves hun.xx

  16. Have fun in London! Your hubby is cute! and very sweet (as i see it from here).

    Have a safe trip!

  17. Hi Katharina,

    Had lots of fun watching this video, and it looks like you're bringing plenty of stamps to London. Great; I just arrived here from the WOJ store, where I had been checking out which stamps I want to buy today... See you at the show!

    All the best,


  18. Oh wie nett, dein Mann hat wohl Jahre lange Tetris Erfahrung...

    Beim Paletten beladen zusehen ging mir die Melodie durch den Kopf....

    Liebe Grüße Franzi


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