Mittwoch, 30. September 2009

Away again...

Guess what.... I was 1 day too early with the start of the Whiff of Joy /Elisabeth Bell Winter Stamp Kit, but I guess you are not sad about it...haha My poor brains ;)

Stellt euch vor... Ich war doch tatsächlich 1 Tag zu früh dran mit der Eröffnung der Vorbestellung für das Whiff of Joy /Elisabeth Bell Winter Stamp Kit. Ich nehme aber an, dass ihr mir deshalb nicht böse seit..haha Wo habe ich nur meinen Kopf? ;)

I wanted to share this heartwarming photo with you, which we took last sunday right before my dear husband Marcel had to leave for military service again. We miss him a lot and I am looking forward to saturday, when he can return home again for 1 day. (Sonja, I admire you for staying sane after not seeing your husband for so many months).

Ich wollte euch noch dieses herzerwärmende Foto zeigen, dass wir letzten Sonntag aufgenommen haben kurz bevor Marcel wieder zum Militärdienst aufbrechen mußte. Wir vermissen ihn schrecklich und freuen uns schon auf nächsten Samstag, wenn er wieder für 1 Tag nach Hause darf. (Sonja, ich weiss gar nicht wie du es aushältst, deinen Mann so viele Monate überhaupt nicht zu sehen. Ich fühle mit dir :)

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  1. Ohhhhh das Foto ist sooo süß. Ich kenne das auch. 12 Jahre haben wir die Abschiede und das allein sein mitgemacht!
    2007 ist mein Mann nach 12 Jahren bei der Bundeswehr ausgeschieden.
    Als Berufssoldaten wollten sie ihn dann nicht haben. Bin ich ehrlich gesagt auch nicht traurig drum! =;o)

  2. what a lovely photo of your husband and son, they are so alike. It is also a very sad looking photo, must be so hard for you all.

  3. awww. bless, must be so hard for you Katharina, the picture is so sweet yet so sad.... big hugs Rachxx

  4. ohh what a lovely picture. I feel heartbroke looking at this photo. It must not be a very happy moment to see your loved one leave like that for so long..

    on another note.. i am not mad at all to see the preview of the winter collection in advance :))

    Take care, Hugs xxx

  5. Aw what a sweet picture!! It also grabs at my heartstrings as well!! I hope the week goes by fast for you and the boys!! Must be hard for them to see there dad leave but I bet they are all smiles once the week ends!!

  6. Hello Katharina
    Aw it is so sad when Daddy goes away isn't it. Rob is away most of October sadly but I think we never get used to it, we all miss him so much.
    I was so very disapointed to miss the Stempel Mekka this year as we were in UK settling our daughter into Uni. I could have come over and chatted. It's the first year I haven't been able to go in 3 years, but hey there is always next year.
    Hope you and your family are all well. x

  7. How sweet, it must be so hard to have to let him go to work. Thank you for sharing such a personal photo. They do indeed look alike.

  8. Katharina, as the mother of a U.S. Navy officer, I thank your husband and you for your service to your country and, ultimately, to the world. It is a lovely photo, sad at the same time. My prayers are always for military men and women and their families around the world who serve for freedom and peace. Thank you.


  9. What a precious photo,soo endering & heart wrenching!!! I know how hard it is Katharina as my husband used to do 6 month tour of duties & I found it so hard & I missed him so much :(.The plus side is the coming home & the childs excitment :)
    I also think it is so special to have a husband in the services :):)
    Bless you & your family

    Jean ( Ireland)

  10. Ooppss was so caught up in the moment I forgot to say ....Yahhhhhh only one more day to pre-order.I have itchy fingers here waiting to press buy !!!!!!
    The preview as ever looks fantastic & I am soooooo looking forward to working with this set :o)


  11. Tja so ist das leben einer Militaer Familie! Ich kenne das auch zu gut!

    ein sehr ausdruckstarkes foto!

    lg nicky

  12. Oh Katharina what a bittersweet photo, they look so lovely together, bless them. It must be awful I don't think I could do it! hugs, Jane x

  13. Oh, wow, they look so alike!
    I don't know how you women do it without your loved ones. Mine can't even go to the bathroom without me missing him, LOL
    Keep strong, we're here for you :)

  14. Oh my Katharina it must be dreadful for your boys what a heart warming picture. You must miss him dreadfully!
    kim x

  15. Oh my,that must be terribly hard to see your husband leave all the time.
    Such a beautiful photo! You are all in my prayers!

  16. Very sweet photo! My husband only travels for work once or twice a I know how hard it is on the kids. But I have to admire you and your husband for your sacrifices. The city I used to live in was a huge military area in the US. Many of my friends were military wives whos husband would leave for 6 months every 18 months! I don't know how they do it!
    Hang in there!
    Big Hugs :-)

  17. Ein wunderschönes Bild *kleineTränewegwisch* *schnief*

    Ich sag mal so.... es macht mich stark.

    Außerdem hab ich ja deine tollen Stempel die mich oft ablenken *knuddel*

    Und wie ich sehe, kommen ja bald wieder neue zu mir nach Hause *freu*

    Ganz lieben Gruß Sonja xxx

  18. die haben sich aber beide sehr- sehr lieb.....

    Ein sehr schönes Foto!!!


  19. Oh Katharina the photo bought tears to my eyes sweetie, what a wonderful bond there is between the two of them, it must be so hard for you all dear, you are in my thoughts, sending you all lots of big hugs
    Jacqui xxxx


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