Sonntag, 12. April 2009

Reminder - WoJ Summer Stamp Kit pre-order

Just a short reminder that the pre-order for the Whiff of Joy / Elisabeth Bell Summer Stamp Kit is now open. You can pre-order the kit until May 4th. All pre-orders will then ship on May 18th.
Please also keep in mind that it is not possible to order other stamps together with the Summer Stamp Kit. You need to place a new order if you alos want to purchase other stamps.
Thanks and good night :)

Eine schnelle Erinnerung, dass die Vorbestellung des Whiff of Joy / Elisabeth Bell Summer Stamp Kit ab sofort möglich ist. Ihr könnt das Kit bis zum 4. Mai vorbestellen. Versandt werden alle Vorbestellungen dann am 18. Mai.
Bitte merkt euch auch vor, dass es nicht möglich ist andere Stempel zusammen mit dem Kit zu bestellen. Für weitere Stempel tötigt bitte eine separate Bestellung.
Lieben Dank und gute Nacht :)

11 Kommentare:

  1. Auf Englisch ist der Datum als April May 4th gegeben...ich nehme an, die richtige Monat waere Mai?

    Thanks for your great postings! I love looking at all the cards you make.

  2. Hi hun, you've made a little mistake on your sidebar, it says 'Open until March 4th' instead of May ;o)

    I'm off to post the banner on my sidebar to help you spread the word! Can't wait to see the stamps, I'm sure they are gorgeous as always!

    Hugs, Naoual

  3. Thank you Dawn and Naoual for pointing me to the mistakes. I guess it's too late here and I should go to bed :)

  4. Can you Pre Order more then 1 Summer Stamp Kit on 1 Order? I am getting 2 Friends hooked and they both want the Kit as well.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Goodie goodie gum drops!! I just ordered my set. Can't wait to recieved it :o)


  6. Hi Chris,
    Of course you can pre-order as many kits as you like :)
    There is no limitation.

  7. Thanks Katharina, just been to pre-order mine. Looking forward to them arriving.

  8. I love the sneak peek,I am looking forward to ordering a set!!!

  9. Thank you so much for answering my Q so quickly. I will be ordering tomorrow with my Friends. Will have to place 2 seperate Orders for the other new Stamps too... Love all your Work.. Thanks for all the inspirations.


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