Montag, 13. Oktober 2008

Blog Candy Winner

Good evening everybody!! I know I promised to announce the winner of my "WoJ headquarter" key challenge yesterday, but I was so busy getting new stamps ready for you, that I simply didn't have the time to post :) I hope that the wonderful new winter motives designed by Elisabeth Bell will compensate you for this :)

Einen schönen Abend wünsche ich euch allen! Ich weiss ich habe euch den Gewinner meiner "WoJ Schlüssel" Challenge für gestern versprochen. Jedochhabe ich so viel Arbeit mit neuen Weihnachtsmotiven gahebt, dass ich es einfach nicht geschafft habe rechtzeitig zu schreiben. Ich hoffe, dass die wunderschönen neuen Stempel designed von Elisabeth Bell euch für dieses Versäumnis entschädigen :)

And now to the winner(s) of the gourgeous Melinda, the helping angel stamp.
I simply couldn't make up my mind about who would win the stamp among all those fabulous and imaginative ideas of how to get hold of the key to the WoJ headquarters.

Und nun zu den Gewinnern! des süßen Melinda helfender Engel Stempel. Ich konnte mich unter den vielen einfallsreichen und lustigen Idden einfach nicht entscheiden und habe deswegen 4 Gewinner ausgewählt :)

So there are the 4!! winners :)

What a great prize to win! I would say that in order to get the key I would give up my craft room! It is my prized possession. My husband custom-built a dream stamping room just for me. It's got everything that I need and plenty of room for more stuff. If that's not the deciding factor, I just might be "tempted" to throw in my 2 little darling children(the ONLY reason for my being in this world.)Scratch the kids....I just can't bear a day apart from them. ;) Love them too much! So, I'd say my other love, my stamping room will do. ;)

Sanisi ":
I would create a Stamper Army to lay siege to your fortress (where you keep the stamps and 'holy grail' key). We would be armed with heat guns and very large acrylic blocks. With the heat guns we would melt the ground beneath your feet leaving you stuck in mud and sheild ourselves with our acrylic blocks from your defensive embellishment attacks (thrown buttons can sting).After we subdued you with the sight of patterned paper, we would leave you tied up with hundreds of yards of ribbons (and you'd look just lovely, of course). Finally we would find the glorious key and divide the spoils (with only a few tug of wars). And then we would release you so that you could make more. ;)

I would sail the ocean from Here to Switzerland, Then make the long hard trek to the mountains, which would take me 18 days, with only a tiny weeny bit of water. Then I would climb all the mountains till I find your house, by then my body would be frail my clothes all torn, the climb would be hard and would be long but the vision of that key would replay in my mind and I would push on and on. When I find your house I would ask you in my sweetest voice for the key, but you wont surrender it. So to plan B I would throw the yummyest cake over the fence it would be sooo yummy and smell soo nice you would have to chase after it. It would be hard for me not to chase it, but again, the vision of the key would replay in my mind. Once your gone I would go in and find the key and take a first class flight back to Australia because I couldn't be bothered climbing the mountains or sailing the ocean. And thats what I'd do to get that key. I really would, :D

Ooooh, was für ein süsser Anhänger! *habenmöcht*Ich würde mich in ein Whiff of Joy Engelchen verwandeln, zu dir fliegen und mich zu meinen süssen Freunden gesellen, und hoffen, dass ich sooo speziell bleibe, dass du mich nie verkaufst! Dann könnte ich dir nämlich über die Schulter gucken, wie du die genialen Werke machst!

Thanks so much for all your fabulous comments, it was wonderful to read them all :)
Ich danke euch für eure wundervollen Kommentare. Ich hatte so viel Spaß sie alle zu lesen :)

7 Kommentare:

  1. Congrats ladies!!!!!! I know your going to love this stamp. See Katharina how popular your stamps are dear.

  2. *vomstuhlgefallenwiederaufrappel* Ich glaub's nicht.... ich habe diesen zuckersüssen Stempel gewonnen! *megafreuhüpfundspring*

    Katharina vielen, vielen lieben Dank! Ich weiss nicht was ich sagen soll... *hammer*

    Lg, Tanja

  3. Hi Katharina, so nice to see how successful WOJ has become...although life is so full of busy I hope you're having lots of fun with it all!! I love the new release...and hope to invest soon!! bx

  4. OMG WOW, I can't believe I won, I have been admiring these stamps for ages and now I own one!!
    I am so excited you made my day
    Thank so much
    Lauren xx

  5. Congratulations to the 4 lucky and imaginative ladies! You have all given me a giggle this morning.

  6. Wow. Thank you! I'm so excited. I'm glad you enjoyed what I wrote. :)

  7. Gestern ist dieser zuckersüsse Engel bei mir eingeflogen! Vielen herzlichen Dank, liebe Katharina!

    Lg, Tanja


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