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Yaob Sunday #7 and Elisabeth Bell Guardian Angel Collection

Welcome to another edition of Yaob sunday (Your Artwork on my Blog). Today I want to present you an amazingly talented and versatile crafting Lady. Her creations are simply breathtaking!

Willkommen zu einer neuen Ausgabe von Yaob sunday (Eure Kunstwerke auf meinem Blog). Heute möchte ich euch eine unglaublich talentierte und vielseitige Bastlerin vorstellen. Ihre Werke sind einfach nur atemberaubend!

Bev of "All the Things I love" has done this marvelous card after the inspiration of my sketch #19. It is the perfect girlie card with a lot of romantic details and sewing. A perfect combination of papers, colours and different materials.

Bev von "All the Things I love" hat diese großartige Karte nach Inspiration meines Sketches #19 gebastelt. Es ist die perfekte Mädchen Karte mit vielen romantischen Details und auch Genähtem. Eine perfekte Kombination von Papier, Farben und verschiedenen Materialien.
  • Pink Petticoat image and HOTP sentiment
  • stampHOTP
  • papersBits and bobs from stash

And now look at this!!!! Isn't this a romantic card? Reminds me of the Rosamunde Pilcher movies and a afternoon in Cornwall..hehe I fell in love with this creation right after I saw it. Bev used sketch #21. Thank you Bev for your extraordinary creations and for sharing all of them! I love your work!

Und jetzt schaut euch das an!!! Ist diese Karte nicht romantisch? Erinnert mich an all die Rosamnude Pilcher Filme und einen Nachmittag in Cornwall...hehe Ich habe mich in sie verliebt gleich nachdem ich sie gesehen habe! Bev hat sketch #21 verwendet. Ich danke dir Bev für diese aussergewöhnlichen Werke ich liebe deine Arbeit!!

I heard that Fran already received her Whiff of Joy DT package. So keep stalking her blog for her first Charlotte and Charlie creations ( I know I will ;)
Ich habe gehört, dass Fran schon ihr Whiff of Joy DT package bekommen hat. Ihr solltet ihren blog "stalken" um einen ersten Blick auf ihre Charlotte und Charlie Werke werfen zu können ( Ich werde es auf jeden Fall tun ;)
And now I will let go of you with this heavenly preview of Elisabeths new Guardian Angel Collection for Whiff of Joy Stamps. I guess I don't have to say a word, this image speaks for itself!
Take care!
Und nun lasse ich euch in den Sonntag gehen mit dieser himlischen Vorschau auf Elisabeths neue Schutzengel Kollektion. Dazu muss ich gar nicht sagen, dieses Bild spricht für sich selbst :)
Alles Liebe

35 Kommentare:

  1. Beautiful cards Bev! I'll be sure to visit your blog. And as for the sweet guardian angel.... when will she be in the store? I ask you this on a need to have basis *LOL*. She is just beautiful!!!

  2. I love Bev's work ;)

    But that stamp girly!!! you really have to send it to me with my preorder the 11th... PRETTY PLEASE WITH LOTS OF CHERRIES ON TOP ;) it is soo adorable and i already know what I want to do with it!!

    hugs Ria

  3. beatiful cards the Bella ;o) but oefff I can't wait for the "wings" that's the one thing I can't resist !!

  4. oh Katharina you're so naughty, I want to buy these stamps as well now, my husband will not be happy. i jsut love them Jill x

  5. Well done Bev...I've receently been admiring Bev's work myself!!

    Oh my the new image is divine...when are these images going to be availabe Katharina...? bx

  6. Thank you so much for featuring my cards Katharina, I was so excited when you emailed me lol!!!

    Hurry with the new stamps lol - they look as gorgeous as I knew they would and I NEEEEEED it lol

  7. Well done Bev, I told you your cards are fantastic, so pleased for you.
    Katharina I absolutely Neeeeeeed!!! that image when will they be available, please say soon. Its is absolutely beautiful and I am planning cards as I write this. Lots of Hug Jacqui x

  8. Great card from Bev!! She is really an artist!! And wow!! What a stunning new image from Elisabeth!!! I am in love with it!!
    Have a nice Sunday!
    Hugs, Camilla.

  9. Congratulations Bev....all your creations are stunning....well done...
    and great choice Katharina...

    That Guardian angel image is divine with a capital D!
    I love all of Elisabeth's illustrations but i think that these Angels are going to be a hot favorite..with me anyways.....hehe.
    and by the sound of it you have every one else itching to get there little mitts on them!
    big hugs rach.xx

  10. Oh my, these preview of the stamps just keep getting better and better! I'm so impressed with Elisabeths drawing skills, she is simply amazing!!

    And the cards are wonderful too:)

    Have a lovely sunday:)

  11. she is adorable as I knew they would be, can't wait for her to be in the store, any dates yet?

  12. Great cards Bev!!
    Ohhhhhhh and I cant't wait to order this cutie Katharina!! I'm so in love with her ...

  13. Pretty card from Bev ;)

    I LOVE the stamps, I can wait to order ::D

  14. Beautiful cards!
    and...OMG! Elisabeth has done it again! The sweet guardian angel is adorable! Her I must have!

  15. Bev's Karten gefallen mir sehr gut. Und das neue Elisabeth Bell Motiv natürlich auch. Ich habe soeben auch meine ersten beiden Charlotte Stempel vorbestellt, an denen konnte ich einfach nicht vorbei ;)

  16. Beautiful cards from Bev, as are all her creations. This lady has been my main inspiraion for several months now - well done hun on the feature.

    Brilliant stamps Katharina, I think we have all fallen in love with them

  17. Great cards and I love these new stamps already!!
    I have given you an award on my blog, come over and take it! You deserve it!!

  18. What an great cards you made, and the stamp he's so gorgues.
    Tineke x

  19. Love the cards. I will be adding that blog to my list of ones to follow for sure.

    The Angel is adorable. I can't wait for these to come into your store.


  20. Love Bev's creation, and this stamp is just wonderful :)I can't wait to the new collection :)

  21. Gorgeous card ,realy beautiful ,
    i love the new image stamp xxxDawnxx

  22. Gorgeous cards and a wonderful image.

  23. This card is Beautiful!! and that is the cutest stamp ever!

  24. Stunning cards by Bev. I have to say that i only have one of elisabeths stamps as they all haven't been for me but I am loving this new one that you have previewed and will be looking out for when it is available

  25. Beautiful cards Bev! I'm gonna visit your blog for sure:-)

    And oh my gosh Katharina, this new Elizabeth Bell image...I'm drewling:-P

    Inge xo

  26. Ooooh wow - the new image is gorgeous! When are the Elizabeth Bell's going to be available, Katharina? Hugs, Maria

  27. Me again! Was going to leave a comment for Bev about the gorgeous card but couldn't find it on her blog. So I'll leave the comment here - WOW says it all. Hugs, Maria

  28. Congrats Bev, stunning cards! As for that angel - she is just heavenly Katharina. Can't wait to see the other angels in the range- think these are going to 'fly off' your shelves :D xx

    glad you liked my first card. Just need to finish my little blog hop then will work on another one :)x

  29. I love Bev's cards too. She has a wonderful touch. The little angel is so sweet. I am so looking forward to be abel to create with her! Jeanette

  30. I love how she put two hearts on one side and just one on the other side.


  31. Bev's cards are absolutely gorgeous - well done Bev!!

    love that stamp, too!

  32. Bev's cards are beautiful. Now about that angel, think Elisabeth would give me permissino to get that made into a tatoo? It's just so cute, that I absolutely love it! I've been collecting angels for years, and this new one has to be my absolute favorite!!

  33. First of all those cards are amazing I love the rosemantic one!!!

    That stamp OH MY She is just divine!!!!!!


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