Samstag, 19. Juli 2008

Whiff of Joy Naming Competition - Chance to win!

Update: Yes, I will also ship to the USA, thanks for all your questions about this :) I completely forgot to mention it.

Isn't she a beauty? The girl with a hot chocolate designed by the amazingly talented illustrator Elisabeth Bell. Yes, you read right!! I am thrilled to announce that I have her on board. We have so many ideas together, including an exclusive Whiff of Joy Clubkit designed by Elisabeth Bell which will be available 4 times a year starting with spring 2009.

Ist sie nicht eine Schönheit? Das Mädchen mit der heißen Schokolade designed von der talentierten Illustratorin Elisabeth Bell. Ja, ihr habt richtig gelesen, Elisabeth Bell hat angeboten für Whiff of Joy zu zeichnen, da habe ich natürlich nicht lange gezögert :) Wir haben so viele Ideen gemeinsam, unter anderem wird es ein Whiff of Joy clubkit designed von Elisabeth Bell geben, das 4 Mal im Jahr erscheint, beginnend im Frühling 2009.
To celebrate this wonderful new range I'll start a "Naming Competition" for our first Elisabeth Bell characters (a boy and a girl). Simply leave a comment under this post suggesting a boy and a girl name of your choice. Elisabeth will pick her favourite names next Sunday, July 27th. The winner gets a free set of the first Whiff of Joy stamps released with the images designed by Elisabeth. What do you think, isn't this exciting? :) Thank you Elisabeth for all your support, you have such a big heart and became a real friend!

Um dieses tolle Ereignis und die neue Stempelserie zu feiern starte ich eine "Namensgebungs - Challenge" für die ersten Charaktere (ein Mädchen und ein Junge) von Elisabeth Bell. Hinterlaßt einfach einen Kommentat mit eurem Namensvorschlag unter diesem Beitrag. Elisabeht wird dann selbst ihre Favoriten auswählen und zwar nächsten Sonntag, 27.7. Der Gewinner bekommt ein freies Set der ersten Whiff of Joy Stempel, die mit Elisabeths Motiven erscheinen. Na, was meint ihr dazu, ist das nicht aufregend? :) Danke Elisabeth für all deine Unterstützung! Du hast ein riesiges Herz und bist mir eine wahre Freundin geworden!!

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  1. What a fun contest. Well...not to butter up the judge :) but I think she looks like an Elizabeth. So...for the girl I will choose Elizabeth or Elisabeth and for the boy I will say Alex/Alexander.


  2. Yeeeeezzz Katharina you are on a roll girl!! :)

    This is a funny contest for a girl I would pick Demi or Zoey and for a boy Noa or Sven.
    I could not just pick 1 name ;) LOL

    hugs Ria

  3. Hallo ich freue mich mit euch über die tollen Neuigkeiten,
    mein Vorschlag währe Lina und Linus:-)

    Liebe Grüße

  4. What a great contest. I love the girl and can't wait to see de little boy. For the names I should pick euh Lisa and Eli.

  5. oohh what a beautiful stamp I can't wait to see the boy ...
    I give the name Elsi to the girl and the boy the name Tom.

    Hugs, Janneke

  6. Das sind ja immer bessere Überraschunegen, die du hier verkündest. Meine Namensvorschläge sind Jenny und Jonas.
    Lieber Gruß, Antje

  7. She is so sweet, just love her, you really are going to bankrupt us all if they are all as fabulous as your first two designs! This one reminds me of my eldest, she loves her hot chocolate in winter and she sits with it just like that!

    Anyway, my names would be Libby for the girl and Jake for the boy.

  8. I always like matching names, like with the same first letter. So I'm going to suggest: Emileigh (that's how I spell my daughter's name....heehee)and Ethan or Andrew and Abigail, or Ian and Isabelle. Just a few off the top of my head!

    This is SO exciting Katharina! You must be thrilled!!

  9. Oh she is darling !!!!! I can see right now I need to go find a second job !!!!!!!!!!!
    For my names I will pick Danielle and Daniel. Thanks for the chance to win some stamps!!!

  10. Absolutely beautiful babes - and well done on having Elisabeth on board - her designs are AMAZING! I think her name is EMILY and the boy would be JAMIE. Lol Lynn x

  11. How adorable!! and what a fun contest. I think Emma for the girl and Riley for the boy would be cute :)


  12. Bailey for a Girl and Aaron for a Boy's name... I don't remember reading you are going to be selling to the US right. The stamps are going to be great. I have all the current one's from Elisabeth already...

  13. OMG Katharina, you've outdone yourself already. Now there's no way you're ever getting rid of me on your DT LOL :) Even though I can't play (!) she looks like a Stephanie (Steffi) to me and the boy could be Stephan then.
    Fran x

  14. Katharina I wish you every success in your new venture I am so pleased for you, you rock girl!!!This image is just soo cute with so many possibilities. I am going with the names Lucy and Lucas. Good luck with everything. Sue :o)

  15. Wow...die ist ja wunderschön...
    meine Namensvorschläge sind
    Rebecca und Ricado

  16. Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.

  17. She's so beautiful, love her yet :)
    My choice of name: Melinda or Tiffany for her and Hayden for Him:)
    Have a good week-end :)

  18. fab image I love it =)
    I think Chloe is a good name for a girl and Thomas for a boy =)

  19. Looking forward to see the stamps!!
    My favorite names:
    The girl - Ellie
    The boy - Ross

    Good luck! :o)

  20. Die schaut ja süß aus!

    Ich würde für das Mädchen den Namen "Joy" vorschlagen (da er in Deinem Shop-Namen auch vorkommt) und für den Jungen "Elias".

    Viel Glück mit Deinem Shop.

  21. I really like your creative idees. Thanks for the inspiration.
    For the girl I will choose Elisa (named to her maker), Camomile, Jessy or Lisa/ Liza en for the boy Lars, Max or Ruben.

    Good luck!

  22. She is Gorgeous and what a fun contest......
    for the girl...Alisha

  23. What a fun contest! I love names and it is hard to choose, but my top 2 would be:


  24. she's lovely! i'd best start saving my pennies for when they're released!!!
    I'd say Mia for a girl and Dylan for the boy. x

  25. Congratulations on your news and all the best for the future :)

    Names Jenna for a girl and Jordan for a boy.

    Have a wonderful day :)

  26. I'd have to pick Lis and Oliver. She is so cute, I can't wait to see the whole collection.

  27. Hallo Katharina,

    ich wünsche Dir ganz viel Erfolg bei Deinem Vorhaben !

    Für mich sieht das Mädchen wie eine Lilly aus... & ein Junge dazu? Chris finde ich schön...

  28. I adore this stamp, it's just brilliant! Would the name Coco be too obvious?! Since she's drinking hot chocolate! I know it's cocoa but Coco can be a girls name. I shall suggest Charlie for the boy as not only is it nice and goes with Coco, but Charlie and the chocolate factory! Very tenuous link but those are my suggestions: Coco and Charlie.

    Kate :o) xx

  29. WOW!!! How exciting Katharina!! Great for you:) This is so exciting to me so I can only imageine how your feeling (LOL)!! Can't wait to see more she is adorable!!!!

    I would pick Gwen for the girl and Gavin for the boy!!!

    CongraTs again!! And best of luck for you!!!

  30. Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.

  31. Oh my I know how excited I am about your new stamps, I can only imagine how excited you are! And now Elizabeth Bell! As for names...

    A girl: Sophie
    A boy: Derek


  32. she is just gorgeous and many, many congrats to you Katharina. I would call her Charlotte, Charli for short.
    For a boy I think I should suggest my own boys' names, Jay & Ryan

  33. What a fab contest the names i would choose are
    For a girl - Hannah or Heidi
    for a boy - Jack or Harry.
    Hugs Debbie x

  34. Oh well done Katharina, you are determined that I will have to come out of retirement just to afford all these beautiful stamps, because I cannot live on baked beans for ever. I am so pleased for you that you have Elizabeth on board but not surprised that she wants to be associated with such a talented lady as you, (I didn't mean that to be so gushing but you know what I mean). I love this stamp and I would like to put forward a couple of names:
    Grace and George
    Hannah and Harry
    I will keep my fingers crossed cos I want these stamps.
    Hugs jacqui x

  35. She is lovely. This must be such an exciting adventure for you.

    My names would be Hannah and Jake. You could have them both start with the same initial but so many do that already.


  36. Lovey this stamp cuz' I love my hot chocolate too-lol!! I really like Kaitlyn for the girl and Thomas or Theo for the boy.

  37. Well done Katharina I'm so pleased for you & love the Elizabeth Bell stamps so am alrady saving for the collection releases lol!!
    My girls name has already been chosen (MIA) so I'm going to fo with
    Ellie for the girl & Ethan for the boy. Fingers crossed.

    Sharon :-)x

  38. Oh no !!lol!! I've just scrolled back & Ellie has been chosen already as well. I'll go for
    Ria for the girl & still Ethan for the boy.
    Had to uncross my fingers to write that lol!!
    Sharon :-)x

  39. Picking out names is so much fun. For the girl I choose Abby, and for the boy Michael.

  40. That stamp looks gorgeous! I suggest for a -
    Girl: Sophia
    Boy: Caleb

    bunnybox9 at gmail . com

  41. Oh my gosh lucky you!! Elisabeth's designs rock!!! My poor wallet.


  42. What a great contest - more beautiful stamps to win.
    my choice of names would be Melody and Matthew.

  43. What joy - more fantastic prizes!
    My choice of names would be Katy and Benjamin

  44. I like the names Lucy and Lucas:)


  45. Oh my gosh, how exciting for you!!! So many great names have been chose...but I'll go with Laura fora girl and Landon for a boy:-) Oh...will you ship to Canada??

  46. I would go for Thomas and Maria - both very international names. Good luck in your new venture.

  47. Oh what fun! She is precious.

    I love Elsie Burke for the girl (my 2nd favorite name is Nicole Robbins)

    and for the boy it would be Christopher Zunkle

    They're all completely made up names and I don't know anyone with these as their real names....hopefully there isn't someone named Elsie Burke, Nicole Robbins or Christopher Zunkle that would mind having stamp characters named after them!

  48. Hi what a great contest I think they should be called Stacey and Simon.

  49. Hi Katharina, OMG!!! I love Elizabeth Bell's work!!! I am so excited by your news. I cam't wait! SInce they are the first boy and girl, why not call them:
    Adam & Eve?

  50. WOW Katharina!! What a team you 2 make!! This is certainly very exciting news for us all in I can't imagine how you're feeling!!

    I would pick Jessica and Jack for the 2 names....they'll be hugely successful for you both no matter what you choose to go with!! ANd I'm TOTALLY excited about the club kit...I shall do some advertising for you both with the crafty girls that come to my classes!!

    I'm tickled pink for you both girls!! bx

  51. i think I will go with ... hmm...Apple and Henry

  52. Love the stamps
    For the girl.... Matilda
    For the boy.... Lucas

    Debs x

  53. You must be so excited Katharina! This stamp is beautiful! I think Eloise and Harry! Or Beth and Jamie if I'm going to be completely self-involved ;-) xx

  54. Eine schöne Idee
    Für den Jungen: Felix (der Glückliche)
    Für das Mädchen: Jule oder Ina

    Viel Spaß beim Aussuchen, es wird bestimmt nicht einfach

    *knuddels* Sonja

  55. Oh she's lovely Katharina!! And congratulations to you ... I've missed it all! But it's great to follow your dreams, so go for it girl!
    I will choose Lizzy and Ben.

  56. Ok I had another think about it and if you did want them to have the same Initial then I really like Jacob and Joanna.


  57. What a great competition - good luck with the new venture.
    As for the names I would pick Jade for the girl and Zac for the boy
    Sharon x

  58. What a great competition, lots of fun, the girl is so fabulous, cant wait to see the boy. For the girl I pick Bonnie, for the boy Bradley
    thanks lv gill x

  59. Das sind ja tolle Neuigkeiten. Bin schon ganz gespannt wie die verschiedenen Charaktere aussehen werden!

    Mein Namenstipp: Chloe and Casper

  60. Beautiful image - how about Isabelle or Belle for short and for a boy Matthew or Matt for short. Thanks, Maria

  61. I'm no good at picking names really but i love this name for a girl, my friend Moni's daughters name madleen for a girl and Theo or Theodore for a boy..... i can't wait for these stamps katharina, and you have me signed up for the club kit right now.... Big Big Hugs i am so happy for you... Tina xxx

  62. Ok, here goes! How about Misty and Don!

    sandyh502001 at yahoo dot com

  63. Hach, so viele tolle News auf einmal, SUPER! Ich freue mich auf neue Elisabeth Bell Motive und meine Namensvorschläge sind:

    "Hope" for the girl
    "Gary" for the boy

    Jay Jay

  64. Faith and Milo... just because i love the names... roxi came a close second for the girl though

  65. Names have been popping in to my head all evening so I'm going to hae another go. My friends twins are called Luke & Leah which I've always though go well together & another for the girl would be Missie & maybe Joe to go with it. I hope you don't mind me having another go (or two lol!!)
    Sharon :-)x

  66. Woooooooow what a beautiful girl she is !! So how will the boy look like ?!

    I like the name Belle for the girl and Joey for the boy !

    Hugs Jeanet

  67. what a gorgeous image Elizabeth has made for you and I do look forward to seeing more. I think the girl should be named for Elizabeth and would choose Libby or Lizze. The boy, mmm, more difficult to choose, but how about Otto?
    enjoy your weekend. annie x

  68. Wow, she looks absolutely fantastic....she definately brings back memories of my youth!
    Tammy for her and Tim for him :)

  69. lovely!
    I choose:
    girl - Becca
    boy - BJ

    My daughter's choice:
    girl - Alyvia
    boy - Vinnie

  70. She is beautiful! Can't wait to see him. How about Brianna and Ben?

  71. She is gorgeous! Can't wait to get my hands on these!!

    For a boy - Ben, for a girl -Beth

  72. How about Mia for a girl and Trey for a boy. I think those are cool names.

  73. She's adorable! For girl - Vivienne and boy - Charles! Thanks for the chance!

  74. I love it. Shes beautiful

    Ok for a girl I will say Juliana
    and for the boy I will say Alex or Adam

  75. OOOH fun contest!!! I had an idea which people kind of used already. I love the name Eleanor(Ellie for short) for a girl.

    And I like Henry for a boy.

    I think they sound cute together too:) Or if you wanted both "E's Evan is cute for a boy too.

    Very excited to see him:)

  76. The girl is so cute! Looking at her I remembered a nursery rhyme:"Jack and Jill go up the hill..." For the girl it will be - Jill and for the boy - Jack!

  77. I love this stamp and am excited to see more Elisabeth Bell stamps! My suggestion for a girl name is Abby and for a boy Jake.

  78. my suggestions
    Girl: Liza Jane
    Boy: Little Joe

  79. What a fun contest. I'll throw out my suggestions:
    Betsey and Bobby

  80. She is so cute, I would go for Lizzy and for a boy's name, it would be Liam.


  81. Great contest... How about Elspeth for the girl and Jordan for a boy...


    (Pattie's passion)

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!

  82. Wow, so viele tolle Neuigkeiten, ich freu mich so sehr für dich. Hier meine Vorschläge:

    Mädchen: Emily
    Junge: Simon

    LG Andrea

  83. Katharina, such wonderfull news! I am so busy for the moment that I have so little time left :-(. Monday we are leaving for a week on vacation and than I'm back! Curious about all the new stuff on your blog and the challenges! Congratulations with your faboulos stamps, greetz Belinda

  84. This is tooooo good toooo be true.
    What a fun and creative contest.
    For the girl I like: Bella
    (means beautiful) and for the boy:
    I think these names goes well together.

  85. Hi Katharina,

    what a great stamp, and a fun competition.
    for choosen the names I choose letters from both your names (Katharina- Elisabeth)
    My names: Lisa and Ethan.

    Thanks for the chance to win some of those great stamps.

    xoxo Karin

  86. Noch so ein schönes Motiv !!! Da wird immer neugieriger auf mehr!!!

    Ich hoffe, ich habe die Namen jetzt nicht irgendwo überlesen:

    Mädchen - Milli(cent)
    Junge - Jacob

    Freu mich auf die ganze Kollektion!

    Liebe Grüße Tanja

  87. Wow - this is so exciting! The best of luck with your new venture. It was really difficult to come up with names which haven't been chosen already! I have decided upon Maddie for a girl and Markus for a boy.

  88. Ooh how exciting!! Katharina I wish you so much luck and success, your hard work and talent have won through.
    As for names..hmmm I'd like to suggest Marnie and Josh.

  89. Nice idea! What about Fiorella and Giulio? I am Italian you know....
    Best wishes for your new stamps!

  90. Over the last night I had another idea for names:

    Willow for the girl
    Oakley for the boy

    Jay Jay

  91. Und schon wieder so schöne Neuigkeiten!

    Wie wäre es mit:
    Jill und Joey ??


  92. lisa and nick would be my choice.

    I hope I win.


  93. Oh wow isn't she gorgeous. I love my Elizabeth Bell stamps.
    Oh for names I have a couple of ideas:
    Eleanor and Edward (Ellie and Ed)


    Bethan and Joshua (Beth and Josh)

    I would love to win! (Wouldn't we all!)
    Cathy xx

  94. gorgeous stamp and such tempting ones to come.

    my names would be Lizzie and Liam

    Ann xxx

  95. Das sind ja ganz wunderbare Neuigkeiten, ich freue mich für Dich. Mich als Kunden hast Du auf jeden Fall schon mal gewiß. Mein Namensvorschlag wäre für ein Girl wäre Hannah und für eine Boy Robin.
    Liebe Grüße, Katja

  96. Das Mädel sieht wirklich süß aus. Mein Vorschlag ist: Naomi und Noel

    LG Kerstin

  97. Wow these stamps look great, best save my pennies lol.
    I suggest the names
    girl: Darcy
    Boy: Dylan
    Good luck everyone

  98. I love the look of these stamps. Good luck with your venture.
    My suggestion for the names are:

    girl - Jasmine
    boy - Jake

    Jen x

  99. I think that girl should be called Isabella and the boy should be called Edward.
    Good luck with everything

  100. tolle neuigkeiten. die charaktere sind wirklich klasse.

    mein vorschlag:
    sally & sam

    lg, mireille

  101. Gorgeous stamps :) You are definitely going to be the next BIG THING *LOL*

    According to the designer the girl should be named Belle and the boy Benji! But whatever names you pick the stamps must be awesome :D

  102. youri and yvanka i choose for the name's .thanks for this contest

  103. oh wow, I can't wait to be able to get these, she is soooooo cute and what a fun way of naming them :-) Ok, here goes, as its the start of a new series of stamps I thought it would be good to start off with an 'A' name and as the little girl looks so angelic how about Angelina and Angelito - which both mean little angel :-)

  104. What a cute girl. She should get the most wonderful name of all.
    I like this contest.....

  105. Congratulations to Elisabeth Bell!!
    For the names I would say Honorine for a girl and Corentin for a boy!! Hugs, Christelle.

  106. mensch, hier prasselt es ja nur so von tollen neuigkeiten :o)
    das ist ja so aufregend, vorallem für dich!!!
    hier wären meine vorschläge:

    girl: Nele
    boy: Nils


  107. I think what your doing is amazing - and i cant wait for the shop to be up and running so i can make some purchases - i think the girl and boy should be called Liam & Lizzie or Sebastian & Sabrina - Kym xx

  108. wow these are going to be fun
    girl= trina
    boy= elis

    I also love melody for a girl and max for a boy


  109. Congratulations I know that you must be so-excited! I just hope that we will be able to purchase these adorable stamps in the USA.
    As for the names I'm partial to Abby for a girl
    Joseph for a boy.
    Good luck on your new adventure
    Anne S

  110. Wow, lovely image. My suggestion is Alicia (girl) Charlie (boy.

  111. Ist die bezaubernd.Ich fände Angelina und Angelo klasse.
    Liebe Grüße

  112. Hallo,
    klasse find ich die Neuigkeiten.
    Mein Vorschlag:
    Mädchen: Dori
    Junge: Darius

    lg Gisela

  113. Ohhh this is fun!!!!

    What about Mia and Mac ???

    Big hugs, Marlene x

  114. names hmm it's hard to choose one but lets say girl will be Doris boy maybe Michael :)

  115. Lovely stamp, my names are Jasmine for the girl and Joe for the boy.

  116. wow, die idee ist ja super und das Mädel einfach nur süß.
    Als Namen für das Mädel ist mir sofort Elisabeth, wie die Designerin, eingefallen, finde der passt so gut zu dem Mädel. Für einen Jungen ist es da schon bisserl schwieriger, hm, vielleicht Tom? Obwohl das nicht gerade aufregend klingt *grins*
    Wünsche aber schon jetzt viel Erfolg und viele schöne ideen
    knuddels Melle

  117. WOW! What a sweet image!! Would love to name her. I have not looked through all the names suggested so this is my choice:
    Girl: Katie
    Boy: Thomas

  118. congratiolations, this is so fun and what a lovely stamps.
    for the girl: Tess
    for the boy: Luuk ( Luc)

    good luck for you both.

  119. I would like to suggest:
    Girl - Emilia, Lily or Eileen
    Boy - Kendrick, Lawrence, or Emmett

  120. What an adorable stamp! And a great contest!

    My pick would be Emmalee for the girl and Tristan for the boy.

  121. This is a fun contest! And a great blog! I had fun reading it in german first and then rereading it in english to see if i got it right! (I took german highschool thru part of college and dont use it now, but i can still read it!)
    So i have bookmarked this blog!

    My picks for names are
    Girl: Madeline
    Boy: Gabriel

    Thanks so much for the chance to play!

  122. What a gorgeous stamp. My suggestion for names are James and Emily.

  123. I am loving these images!!! The girl should be named Ivy Rose and the boy Davis.

  124. 121 reactions so far... boy are you going to have a hard time picking :). My names are:

    Luke and Lily

    since I think they fit together and Luke is a real guys name and Lily is really sweet.

  125. I'm very excited to see Elisabeth Bell designing some new stamps for you!

    What an great way of winning some goodies! I choose Lissy for the girl and Liam for the boy.

  126. She's so cute!

    I'm excited to see the boy!

    I would name them Lily and Noah.


  127. CUTE!! I would name them Annie and MArcus.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  128. Mensch, ist die schön!

    Ich denke bei dem Mädel an eine Rebekka (Bekky) und als Junge fände ich Samuel (Sam) sehr schön!

    Da können wir uns ja auf ganz tolle Dinge gefasst machen. :O)

    Me(y)lanie <><

  129. Love the style of your designers...
    I think Anabella and George would be good names...


  130. I would pick Simone for a girl...and Travis for a boy...


  131. uuummm-Kirsten for girl; Peder for boy!

  132. another suggestion is I think would make a cute pair is
    girl-- Lola
    boy -- Levi

  133. Sorry no idea what to call the boy but the girls looks like a Jenna to me.

  134. She's just gorgeous - I think that their names should be Kayleigh & Benjamin ;)

  135. Beautiful stamp once again(don´t think u can make anything uggly Elisabeth)!
    My sugestions...
    Belle for the girl and
    Pepper for the boy.


  136. Hello, love this stamp, and congrats!

    I think the girls name should be BELLA, and the boys name BLAIRE. :)

  137. Das sind ja wirklich zuckersüße Motive, ich glaube, ich bin schon jetzt ganz verliebt....
    Ann(e) wäre mein Vorschlag, für Jungs Tim(othy)....

  138. Ok I really love the names:
    Lissianna and Thomas

  139. Oh is she not beautiful! I think that maybe Kaitlyn, Brook or Brooklyn for a girl and then for a boy Hunter or Caden.

  140. Maybe Katie and Kyle.

    or Jenny and Josh

    this is fun :)

    Sarah and Sam

    Tammy and Tyler

    Erin and Eric

    Betsy and Bobby

    OK... I should stop. LOL

  141. That is an ADORABLE stamp!! Thanks so much for sharing this naming with us!

    I have three suggestions

    #1 Anna & Andrew

    #2 Katie & Kevin

    #3 Maddie & Mark

    Good luck making your choices - there are a lot of great suggestions already!

  142. I'm sorry to post twice, but I just thought of

    Mandy and Andy

    Kind of cute sounding to my ear - I guess I really like alliteration!

    Anna Banana

  143. so many lovely names were suggested. I just loved reading everyone's comments.
    My suggestion is Lucille
    and for a boy Leo

  144. Wow she is lovely. Just how my daughter sits when she drinks her hot choc.

    I would chooose
    Betsy for a girl.......meaning of the name is diminutive of elizabeth.

    If it was a boy I would choose bernie

  145. Dear Katharina

    You came up with great news and a wonderful contest. Woooww, this girl is sooo sweet. Elisabeth Bell is such a great artist!!
    Well, for the names I go for "Melissa" and "Damian".

    BIG hugs

  146. Many congratulations Katharina and good luck with your new venture. I'd say you've made a great start with Elizabeth Bell on board, I love her wonderful designs. I thought of
    Tilly and Greg.


  147. I'd say... Lizzie and Caleb...

    love those names


  148. What about Britt and Lukas?
    Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

  149. I Love her i would like to name her Lottie True.


  150. oops forgot the boy i think wills


  151. She's beautiful, can't wait to see more!

    Girl = Scarlett
    Boy = Sam

  152. Ahhh superbe ce tampon !! j'adore !

    Alors moi je dirais pour :

    une fille : Loénie
    un garçon : Alexis

  153. Ich habe jetzt nicht alle 155 Kommentare durchgelesen um zu prüfen, ob diese Namen schon jemand vorgeschlagen hat :-), aber ich würde sagen Stella und Franco.

  154. what a gorgeous image
    here are my suggestions
    girl - serenity/ayesha
    boy - mikey/kane


  155. My suggestions for names for your new characters are:
    Caitlin (girl) and Ciaron (boy)
    Simone (girl) and Sam (boy)

    Good luck for your new ventures

  156. Wow these look fab! I'll go with
    Elize for a girl and
    Jayden for a boy!
    Fingers crossed lol! x

  157. Gorgeous image!
    Girl: Serena
    Boy: Spencer

    Good luck!


  158. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Girl- Isabella
    Boy- Maximilian aka Max


  159. How fun! I'd pick Tess and Trent.

  160. Good luck on your adventure and stamps.

    Here are my suggestions:-

    Sasha and Marcel

    Leila and Adam

    Sarina and Kent

    Unfortunately, I don't have a blog.

    Regards from Australia


  161. What a beautiful image and what fun it would be to stamp and colour!

    Girl's name - Carly
    Boys's name - Oliver

    I can't wait to learn what the names will be!

  162. What a wonderful Contest.. Beautiful Design.. Can't wait to see the Boy
    My Choices would be
    Girl: Madison (Madi)
    Boy: Alexander (Alex)

  163. Ok meine namensvorschöäge
    Joli, Joshua

  164. Thank you for this opportunity it would be wonderful to win the stamps. With Elisabeth designing them it has to be
    Elisabeth and Clint (I've been reading her lovely blog!)
    My eldest daughter would like Lillie and Neo (her name and her friends!)
    My youngest would like Hollie and Leon (her name and her friends!)

    Joanne x

    P.S. the image is gorgeous, we love hot chocolate!

  165. My namesuggestions:
    girl - Nora
    boy - Peter

  166. ich bin schon richtig auf die stempel gespannt, hoffentlich ergattere ich dann auch welche und verpasse nicht die erste serie *hihi*

    meine namensvorschläge wären, cindy/joe oder sandy/kenny

    ich freu mich echt schon wenns los geht. finde die motive nämlich total süss und kann dir nur gratulieren zu deinem entschluss und dir ganz ganz viel spass (den du ja dabei hast) wünschen!

  167. Oh wat a beautifull stamp cant wait till i can buy it.

    And the names

    For the girl Gwen and for the boy Eric

  168. What a beautiful stamp image! Thanks for the chance at giving a name...I'm going to have to go with Emma Jayne, my daughter's name! :)

    Best wishes Katharina! :)

  169. Na dann denk ich doch gleich mal nach......

    Gina und Gil ?
    Chipsy und Joe?
    Tina und Tim ?
    Betty und Bob ?

    Bin ja schon gespannt, was rauskommt...
    Liebe Grüße aus dem schönen Österreich

  170. Very cute stamp. I let my daughter, Michaela, choose the name since I would have chosen her name. LOL

    Our choice is Rose and Rory.

  171. These are just adorable!

    I would like to suggest Mimi and Max :)


  172. She is darling!!! Congrats on your new venture!!

    I'd love to win this so I'm going to suggest Claire for a girl and Aiden for a boy.

  173. What a gorgeous image!

    Here are my boy and girl choices:

    Girl: Annabelle (this happens to be my daughter's name)

    Boy: Beck (my son's name is Beckett) or I also like Eli or Elijah

  174. Hallo

    Wie oben drüber schon öfters gesagt; Gaaanz toll!

    Mein Vorschlag wäre;

    Mädchen - Lea oder Lotti
    Junge - Luca oder Leo

    Ist bestimmt schon mal vorbei gekommen, ich habe nicht alle Einträge gelesen...

    Auch regnerische Grüße - Irma

  175. She is just gorgeous!! :)
    my naming suggestions are:
    Evelyn and Andy

  176. Love your stamps!

    I suggest:
    Girl: Lisa or Liza
    Boy: Ben

  177. Hallo!! So viele Neuigkeiten!! Die Aktion mit den Namensvorschlägen finde ich richtig klasse und hier kommen meine:

    Sam + Sarah

    LG, Tanja

  178. I've had more thoughts!

    Rhiannon and Rhys

    Abigail and Andrew
    Cathy xx

  179. First thing i thought when I saw here was:
    Sam(antha) and for the boy Thomas.

    Good luck everyone, and good luck picking up the right names

  180. For a girl I have to go with Jacy and Jake for the boy.

  181. I would name the girl Katharina (Kathy) in your honour as it is your venture and it would be nice to have the stamp named after you. For the boy it would have to be either Edward or Henry after my own two boys.

  182. Congratulations on this exciting venture Katharina! How wonderful that you are making your dreams come true, and what beautiful stamps! I wish you lots of luck ;o)!

    Now, for the girl I would choose Cozy Cathy and for the boy, though I haven't met him, but I know boys can be a bit boisterous ;o), I would pick Boisterous Bobby :D.

  183. What a fantastic and exciting thing for you to do! The stamps look fab! here are my name choices:

    1. Layla and Lucas
    2. Topsy and Tim

  184. Wishing you all the best fulfilling your dream and you can count on me visiting your web-site as soon as you are up and running.

    Name suggestions

    Phoebe for the young lady
    Alex for the young man

  185. Chloé for a girl and Liam for a boy.

  186. I wish you all the best in your new adventure :)

    That girlie is adorable and I immediately thought she's a "Lesley". Now all she needs is a "Stu".

    So my choices are Lesley and Stu/Stuart.

    Thanks for a fun contest! :)

    Mada (from Romania)

  187. What a fun contest! My suggestions are:
    Lily Claire & Lawrence
    Gracie & Graham
    Amy & Andrew

    I love the stamp of the girl drinking hot chocolate. That's a favorite winter activity at our house!

  188. Oh, I love her.
    What an awesome contest.

    She looks Like a Avery to me afte r my beautful grandaughter.
    How about AYden for the boy.

    Avery & Ayden
    Ava & Aaron

  189. I cannot wait till your stamps come out. :) I would like to suggest Maddie, Maddison, Nicola for the girl and Montgomery (Monty), Nicky for the boy. Thanks for the chance to win your new stamps.

  190. Lillibet and Harry...... names of our royalty I know, but I thought they just suited these designs...

    The little girl looks so dainty, and the boy looks a proper

  191. Oooo what fun reading through all the names.

    My choice would be

    Rosalie (Rosie)


    Robbin (Rob)

    I'll keep my fingers crossed. Your designs are beautiful

    Sandra x x

  192. Mensch da sind schon jede Menge Namen zusammen gekommen.

    Meine Vorschläge wären:

    girl: Olivia, Rosa-Lie, Mia

    boy: Oliver, Max, Richard, Richie, Florian ( Flori )

  193. What a fantastic image - I love it. How about:

    Marietta as the girl's name and Kipp as the boy's name?


  194. I like this contest. :) I choose for the gril Wendelyn and the boy Dave.


  195. Ok had to have another go this time I am going for
    Pru and Pete thanks Sue

  196. Fun contest! I would say she's a Maria, and he's a Martin.
    Good names that can be pronounced in a lot of languages! :D

  197. I don't know what others have said but if she isn't going to be your company icon I would have to ask "why"? She IS partaking of a Whiff of Joy.
    Obviously, that would make her name "Joy" for the boy how about "Jacob". Okay, my boy is a Jacob but he is a male version of joy to us.


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